Why Uptown/Oakland?

The Uptown and West Oakland neighborhoods present many challenges but also unique opportunities.  Long overlooked, the area is a convenient pass-through, shuffling a lot of traffic to both Oakland and Downtown.  The legacy of disinvestment is visible in the area’s empty buildings and land.  Underlying these challenges are issues of access, infrastructure and water—including the significant impacts of stormwater runoff from adjacent areas into the area and of localized air quality problems caused by nearby transportation corridors that largely serve regional traffic—all of which play a major role in the future of Uptown and West Oakland.

About Uptown / West Oakland

Uptown and West Oakland are strategically located between 2 of the 3 largest “city centers” in Pennsylvania - Downtown and Oakland.  New investments in housing and start-up businesses are happening both within and around Uptown.  For these reasons, Uptown and West Oakland present unparalleled opportunities to encourage new investment that supports new and growing businesses but also creates opportunities for existing residents.

Consider the following: